Boy Writes Book about Coping with Death

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Death can be a painful lesson at any age, but when violence touches the life of a child it can be devastating. Even though his father passed away, a little boy is honoring his father’s memory by helping other kids who are coping with death.

“My mom explained to me that sometimes things don’t go as planned or as we would like them to,” Demetrius Martin says while reading.

And sometimes people that you love more than anything in the world die even when you’re just a little boy.

“My dad was the best dad in the world. He taught me how to play catch and to ride my bike. I really miss my dad. I don’t know how this happened because I’m still young. I’m only ten,” says Martin, still reading.

Demetrius Martin is a fifth grader at Old Redford Academy. On June 30, 2010, his father, 41-year-old Demetrius Martin, was brutally murdered, gunned down on Detroit’s northwest side right down the street from where he grew up. The crime committed against the elder Martin is still unsolved, and his son had to grow up literally overnight.

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