Cavalry of Dads Rallies Round a Single Mom in Search of Fathering Know-How

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ANNOUNCING “If I Were Your Daddy, This Is What You’d Learn”: Thirty-Five Extraordinary Men Rally for a Single Mom to Tell How They Have Raised and Inspired Their Children

A new book released by Courtland Publishing represents the most comprehensive parent-to-parent mentor guide ever assembled. “If I Were Your Daddy, This Is What You’d Learn” presents the real-life stories and parenting secrets from a cavalry of 35 extraordinary men as presented to author Julia Espey. When Espey, former aerospace researcher for NASA, became a single mom, she applied her research expertise to parenting. Her quest became to discover how highly successful men were raising and inspiring their children. The book is a breakthrough from traditional parenting resources in its heart-to-heart grassroots approach to overcoming challenges and boosting family confidence.

Participants represent a cross-section of accomplished men from varying occupations, backgrounds, faiths and beliefs, ranging from a Nobel Peace Prize-winner to a West African child educator to the CEO of Habitat for Humanity. The book is endorsed by Stephen M. R. Covey, “Chicken Soup for the Soul” author Jack Canfield (who offers the foreword) and the National Fatherhood Initiative, in addition to leading educators and therapists. “Men Are from Mars” expert Dr. John Gray, “Care of the Soul” theologian and writer Thomas Moore and “The Secret”‘s John Assaraf are among the notable participants who contribute to the book’s rich content.

“Top Gun” fighter pilot and “Folds of Honor” founder Dan Rooney shows how kids can learn courage in the face of fear and make the most of each day. Dr. Bob Rotella, sports psychologist and the “mind behind” some of the world’s leading athletes and teams, shows his vulnerability dealing with his daughter. Corporate mogul “Kip” Forbes offers a rare behind-the-scenes look at the Forbes clan handling the division of their legendary father’s estate at the time of his passing. Brother Ishmael Tetteh shows well-tested ways to immunize children against negativity, such as bullying. International executive Ted Tillinghast becomes a stepdad who gives all to save his at-risk teenage stepson.

The book doesn’t preach what to do to produce perfect parents and children, but enfolds the reader in the consciousness of those who have had success in life and their own parenting endeavors. “This is for all the moms who have to be dads (at any time), for dads who want to be better dads and for parents who want to improve their successes with their kids,” said Espey. “Readers can open to any page and find themselves in a mentoring session with a daddy coach. You might expect them to come across as all-knowing. Instead, there is vulnerability and humility — stories of kids on the edge, mistakes being made and lessons being learned. Readers will feel supported by what others have gone through and learn parenting solutions that work, no matter what form their families take,” she concludes.

Espey plans to establish an international coalition around the book that promotes support and exchange about what’s working, so “parents can cope with challenges better, identify the unique genius in their children and work together to strengthen the family life.” Hardcover and e-book versions are available wherever books are sold, with an audio book expected by April in time for the Mother’s and Father’s Day holidays. Buyers will receive additional parenting resources compliments of Espey. Visit