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Fitness Activities for Children With Autism Outlined in New Book

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Special Needs Fitness Guru Suzanne M. Gray Releases New Book on World Autism Awareness Day: Shows Ways to Improve Health and Socialization Skills

More than half of children with autism spectrum disorders are overweight, at risk for diabetes or cardiovascular disease, have bone and joint problems or suffer from depression.  These alarming statistics were the impetus for a new book on exercise-related activities for children with autism, written by nationally recognized fitness expert Suzanne M. Gray.  The book is being released in conjunction with World Autism Day on April 2.

As one of America’s leading fitness professionals for children with autism, Gray understands how these exercises work in improving motor skills and muscle tone, eliminating self-destructive and self-stimulating behaviors and enhancing socialization skills in children with autism.  The book, entitled, 101 Games and Activities for Youth with Autism, is published by Healthy Learning and is now available online at and

The fitness activities and games in this book are based on the author’s innovative “Raise the Bar” program, which received Club Industry Magazine’s “Best Children’s Fitness Program for 2010.”

“The book outlines specific exercises that parents can do with their children every day,” says Gray.  “A regular fun routine that also mimics play is essential to improve the muscular imbalances and compensations, deficient motor skills, poor posture and other fitness pitfalls common in youth with autism.  These exercises will help increase independence, happiness and self-esteem.”