ED YOUNG: Prominent Pastors Draw Attention to Biblical Teachings on Sex, Marriage

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For many churchgoers, the concept of marriage and sexuality as biblical ideas is nothing new. Thanks to recent media attention, however, Christian views on marital intimacy are gaining the attention of many outside the church. CNN’s Piers Morgan recently sat down with Minister Mark Driscoll, whose new book details his views on what the Bible has to say about sex within a married relationship. The pastor told Morgan, “I think if you’re married you should enjoy one another, and it helps to safeguard the marriage from all kinds of problems.” And another example of Christian pastors publicly speaking out in support of strong marital intimacy is that of Ed Young, a Texasminister whose new book is all about encouraging Christian married couples to cultivate a stronger sex life.

The book, called Sexperiment, is based on Ed Young‘s assertion that a better sex life can improve the lines of communication within a marriage, remind the couple of God’s purpose for marriage, and ultimately provide a better, purer marriage. “While many would argue, rightly so, that there is a lot more to marriage than just sex, there are also a lot of benefits,” notes Ed Young.

The book not only offers Ed Young‘s teachings on sex and marriage, but it also presents its readers with a challenge. In Sexperiment, the pastor encourages Christian married couples to have sex together every day for a week. He advises them to keep the sex creative and passionate, and then to frankly assess how the experience made their relationship better or worse.

In his interview, Piers Morgan made note that some Christian authors are beginning to move “unusually fast” to discuss the topic of sex, but for Ed Young, it is a vital topic for sustaining healthy marriages and strong relationships. He and his wife and co-author, Lisa Young, describe the book’s purpose by noting that  “creative sex in marriage—the way God created it—is a tremendous catalyst that leads to much more than a week of happiness.”

Ed Young is a noteworthy author as well as the pastor of Grapevine, Texas congregation Fellowship Church.