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You Want Me To Sign WHAT Before Your Kid’s Party?

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Most of us aren’t shocked when we’re asked to sign a waiver before a school trip or the start of little league season.  Normal stuff kids participate in every day can result in some minor (and now and again, major) injuries, and some adults get litigious when something goes awry.

Most of these organizations are just doing what their insurance companies require: getting every parent to legally agree that they know the risks involved and won’t hold the school or the sports league responsible if their child is hurt.

In the Washington Post, a reader asked Miss Manners for her take on signing a parental waiver before her son went over to a classmate’s home. (Miss Manners wasn’t too hot on them). Melissa Livingston, a mother of two in Long Island, had a similar question for me when asked to sign a release-of-liability right on a birthday invite. “I wanted to run it by a lawyer to know exactly what I was getting into, but now I see them all the time,” she explained.

So should you agree to a waiver?