Connor Cruise Makes Movie Debut In Remake of ‘Red Dawn’

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If you think Connor Cruise has a conspicuously familiar last name, that is because he does. The 17-year-old adopted son of star exes Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman is stepping out in his first major film role in the remake of ’80s teen action film “Red Dawn.”

In the trailer — seen here first on Yahoo! Movies — Connor appears sporadically in the latter half of film preview. At one point he is wielding a gun, positioned in a sniper-style pose.

The film is about teens who decide to defend themselves against an enemy force that has parachuted in to occupy their Washington state town. It also stars Chris Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas, and Josh Hutcherson — who recently spoke to Yahoo! Movies about Connor and the film. (We shamelessly squeezed in these questions during our discussion with Hutcherson about the upcoming release of “The Hunger Games” DVD. Come back next week for the story!)