New ‘Disney Infinity’ Video Game Uses Collectible Figurines

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disney infinity

Taking inspiration from Activision’s successful Skylanders series, Disney plans to launch a massive interactive project combining video games with collectible figurines.

Disney Infinity will feature 40 collectible figures that, when placed on a special device, will appear inside the player’s game. Various Disney and Pixar properties such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Incredibles and Toy Story will be featured in the game when it launches this June.

Infinity includes virtual “Play Sets” based on environments from Disney properties, where players explore, solve puzzles and battle enemies. Players also collect characters, vehicles and other items to store in an in-game “Toy Box” and share with friends online and offline.

“With our platform’s unique gameplay mechanics and innovative approach to user generated content within the “Toy Box” mode, Disney Infinity will spark imaginations and provide endless hours of fun and creativity,” says John Blackburn, vice president and general manager of developer Avalanche Software, in a statement.

A Starter Pack, which includes the game and figures, will sell for $74.99. Figure packs range from $12.99-$29.99, while Play Set Packs will sell for $34.99.