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Study: Crowded Vaccine Schedule for Babies Safe

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It sounds plausible. The average baby gets 24 jabs in 24 months — needle after needle piercing tender little thighs. Some get as many as five shots in a single doctor’s visit. Surely all this immune stimulation is overloading their little bodies, right?

It’s a seductive idea and one that makes sense, but only to people who don’t study the human immune system. A new report released on Wednesday suggests parents can let go of such concerns.
Nonetheless, government officials need to take these and other worries into account when they design future studies into vaccine safety, the Institute of Medicine committee advised.

“Our committee found no evidence that the childhood immunization schedule is not safe,” Ada Sue Hinshaw, Ph.D, dean of the graduate school of nursing at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences and chair of the committee, told reporters in a conference call.