‘High School Musical’ Star Chris Warren Suing His Parents

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chris warren

Actor Chris Warren who starred as “Zeke Baylor” in “High School Musical” has now filed a lawsuit against his parents, accusing them of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of his child acting money.

Warren filed the lawsuit against his mother, “Passions” actress Brook Kerr, and father Christopher Warren Sr., claiming they established a trust for him back in 2001 for all the money he made as a minor and have been secretly spending big amounts from the trust.

According to the lawsuit, Chris paid into the account for years, but when he decided to make a withdrawal back in 2011, as a 21-year-old, his parents refused to grant him access.

When pressed, Chris claims his parents admitted they had blown through hundreds of thousands of dollars of his money on their own personal expenses, but refused to say how much was left in the account.

Chris is now suing his parents for all the money back, even though he’s still not sure exactly how much they took. His parents are currently embroiled in a nasty divorce.

Neither parent has responded to Chris’ lawsuit.

Pictured: The Warren family in happier times. (L-R) Chris Warren Jr., his mother Brook Kerr and father Chris Warren Sr. at the ‘Miracle At St. Anna’ on Septmeber 7, 2008 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)