Hasbro Planning Pink ‘Heartbreaker’ Nerf Bow for Girls

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nerf for girls

Nerf has long been a favorite of little (and, let’s be honest, not so little) boys. But more girls may soon be getting in on the foam dart-shooting action as Hasbro prepares to launch the Nerf Rebelle, a new product line marketed for girls. First up will be the Heartbreaker bow, which will hit store shelves this fall.

The line promises the same power as items in the Nerf Elite line, but with pretty girly colors and designs. Nerf, however, says the differences between the Rebelle and Elite lines go beyond pink. In an effort to connect with girls and how they play, the Heartbreaker will also come with collectible darts and the line will have an app, which encourages teamwork and strategy and lets girls capture photos and videos of all of the action. The bow is also sized and shaped differently, making it easier for young girls to handle.

“It used to be that people just make pink versions of boys’ products for girls. We found that girls wanted products made just for them,” said John Frascotti, Hasbro’s global chief marketing officer. “We didn’t just make a pink version of the boys’ product. We made a product just for them.”