Unescorted Kids Younger Than 14 Banned From Disney Parks

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As strange as it might seem for a place so popular with kids, Disney Parks will deny entrance to children younger than 14 who aren’t accompanied by someone who’s older.

The new policy will take effect Saturday at all U.S. Walt Disney World and Disneyland resorts and parks, reported.

The parks have no age requirements now, but chose 14 based on guest surveys and input from child-welfare organizations, Disney spokeswoman Suzi Brown told The Associated Press. She said visitors and the organizations agreed on the new age limit.

“That was the age they felt was appropriate,” she said. “That’s also the age the Red Cross recommends for babysitting.”

Brown also said there was no particular incident that triggered the new policy. “This was a move to bring a consistent age policy across our domestic resorts,” she  said.