Kym Whitley Launches ‘Don’t Feed Me’ T-Shirts, Allows Parents to Alert Others of Allergies

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kym whitley

Move over, note-pinning.

Kym Whitley, a comedian and reality television show star, is launching a new line of “Don’t Feed Me” T-shirts that parents of allergic kids can use to alert caregivers and others who might feed their children.

Parents can use a pen to fill in the child’s name and check off boxes of what the child is allergic to. Whitley first made the shirts for her son, Joshua, 2, who wore them to day care.

“The other parents were like, ‘Oh my God that’s great, we need that,” said Whitley, whose new reality show, “Raising Whitley,” starts April 20 on the Oprah Winfrey Network. It chronicles the Los Angeles single mother’s experience raising her adopted son.

Now she’s producing big batches of the T-shirts in different colors and selling them for $10 on her website,, with co-creator Rodney Van Johnson, her friend, she told She’s also selling clear bags that have the same “Don’t Feed Me” warning on the sides that can hold Benadryl, Epi-Pens (epinephrine injectors) and other allergy aids.