Kids Cooking Classes Take Off At Luxury Resorts

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The latest trend in the upscale world of culinary travel is aimed at people who watch cartoons and have bedtimes.

Call it baking for bambinos. Cooking for kiddos. Gastronomy for the pint-sized. It all means kids are invading the kitchen and in turn, learning more about what they’re putting in their bodies and where that food comes from.

In recent months, several upscale resorts have added culinary classes for kids. The Peninsula Beverly Hills has launched the Young Pastry Chefs program where kids take hands-on baking classes with the executive pastry chef. The kids take home a monogrammed chef’s coat, apron and chef’s hat, and recipes from the day.

Kids as young as 4 can participate in the new “Chef for a Day” classes at the Wequassett Resort and Golf Club on Cape Cod. Children collect fresh vegetables from the resort’s garden and then head off to the kitchen to prepare their own personal pizzas. Aspiring chefs are also taught about using basic kitchen tools during the lesson.