‘The Story of Luke’ Shines Light on Young Adults with Autism

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the story of luke

A feature film debuting at movie theaters across the country tomorrow is giving big-screen attention to the desire among many with developmental disabilities for independence as they become adults.

“The Story of Luke” focuses on a 25-year-old with autism who is adjusting to life with relatives after his grandmother — and long-time caretaker — dies. Luke resolves to make it on his own and embarks on a journey to find a job and a girlfriend.

The fictional account is rooted in the real-life experiences of the film’s writer and director, Alonso Mayo, whose mother runs a school for those with developmental disabilities in Peru. Mayo said he was inspired to write the script after seeing many kids from his mother’s school grow into adults who yearned for the same opportunities as their typically developing peers.

“They wanted a girlfriend, they wanted to live on their own,” Mayo said. “I started seeing these young adults having the same issues everyone else has around relationships and independence.”