Prom Dress Wars: Girls Use Social Media to Get Dibs on Gowns

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What’s worse than getting doused with pig’s blood like Carrie on prom night? Showing up in the same dress as another girl, apparently. According to the New York Post, teenagers are using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to make sure they will be wearing a unique outfit to the big dance. Brooklyn Technical High School’s Facebook prom page reads, “Welcome to the page where you tell people you will physically hurt them over formal wear.”

While girls used to go shopping with their friends, now they can hit the department store alone and instantly post their chosen garment online for others to see—along with menacing tweets such as “This is my prom dress, if anyone gets/has this dress, I will personally come to your house, steal the dress” and “just ordered this beauty, I swear if anyone steals my prom dress I will kill you….”

Facebook pages devoted to securing dibs on a gown include posts such as “Don’t Steal My Prom Dress, B*tch” and “Steal My Prom Dress and I’ll Knock You the F*** Out.”

While the sentiment may seem straight out of “Mean Girls,” family therapist Dr. Karen Ruskin points out that, like it or not, this is the hyperbolic way teenagers communicate, and that posting pictures in order to get dibs on a dress could be a good thing. “As a parent, I would prefer ‘dress is already taken,'” she tells Yahoo! Shine, “but what sounds nasty or aggressive to adults is acceptable between kids today.”


prom dress war

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