Smart or Risky? Baby Carrier Allows You to Hang Baby on Bathroom Stall

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Baby-wearing mamas: Pay attention. You may have run into the issue that there comes a time, say when you’re in a public restroom, that you need a place to put the baby you’ve been wearing. Since you’re a baby-wearing mama, you don’t have a stroller. And even if you did, rarely can a stroller fit inside a restroom stall with you. So actually, all mamas who leave the house with their baby: Pay attention.

You can now hang your baby on the restroom wall or door. The hooks on the Babykeeper Hip Carrier, sold on Mommysentials, allow you to hang your baby up while you take care of business. Cost: $69.99. Don’t need to use it as a hip carrier? The Babykeeper Basic, which also allows you to hang your baby on the wall, is $39.99. Mommysentials notes the Babykeeper can be used not just to hang your little one in restrooms, but also in “many public fitting rooms and locker rooms.”

The Babykeeper, according to the Mommysentials web site, was born when one of its founders, Tonja King, needed to use a restroom with her 6-month-old daughter in tow, and “realized there was no safe and sanitary place to put her.” Ten years later, her sister Elisa ran into a similar issue. They put their heads together and Babykeeper was birthed.