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First Aid Musts for Summer Stings

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first aid

Everyone in the house should learn some basic first aid skills in the case of a minor medical emergency. Save yourself a trip to the doctor by keeping these handy notes around.

1. Cuts
The skin is slit and blood begins to seep out. How much blood comes out depends on the size and the area of the cut.

Key Step: Apply Pressure

Apply gentle pressure with a clean cloth or bandage to stop the bleeding. Rinse the wound with water. If any particles remain after washing, use tweezers, cleaned with alcohol, to remove them. Apply an antibiotic cream or ointment, and cover the wound with a dressing that’s big enough for the affected area.

When to Go to the Emergency Room

A wound that is more than 6 millimeters deep, is gaping or has fat or muscle protruding usually requires stitches, according to the Mayo Clinic.

2. Burns and Scalds
Determine the degree and the extent of damage to body tissues. A minor burn is simply reddened skin with no blistering.

Key Step: Run Cold Water

Icing cuts circulation, and you need healthy blood cells for healing, says Dr Martin Ehrlich of Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. Instead, expel excess heat by running cool water over the burn area for several minutes, then cut an onion in half and let it rest on the wound. Onions contain a mild analgesic, says Dr Ehrlich.

When to Go to the Emergency Room

Burns or scalds that occur on the feet, hands, genitalia, face or cover a large area may require emergency medical attention.