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Five Summer Injury Risks for Kids

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Sunny afternoons by the pool, cookouts with family and friends, a family road trip, camp. The sacred rituals of childhood summer.

But as parents relax, pediatricians are warning them to be on high alert, in a commentary published today in the journal Pediatrics.

Injuries — injuries that parents can prevent — are the leading cause of death in children, according to the report.

One in three pediatric deaths worldwide, and more than 12,000 pediatric yearly deaths in U.S. children, comes from unintentional accidents.

Think of it this way: More than 30 children die every day in the United States. And those who don’t die from their injuries still account for 9.2 million medical visits by children every year.

“Many parents do not realize that injuries are the leading cause of death in children and most of these are preventable,” said ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser, who is also author of “Tell Me the Truth, Doctor” and a practicing pediatrician.

Pediatricians warn parents to be vigilant, as well as informed.

“The most important thing for the parents to do is to get the appropriate information and possibilities of how to prevent it,” lead commentary author Dr. Michael H√∂llwarth, professor in the Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Surgery at the Medical University, Graz, Austria, said via email.

So here they are, the leading causes of unintentional deaths and a few tips to keep your kids safe. And remember that there’s no need to be paranoid. But there’s also no reason to lose a child when you can stop it from happening.