High School Cuts Students’ Hair To Test For Alcohol Use

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Children drinking

(Via ABC News)

An Illinois high school plans to randomly snip students’ hair throughout the coming school year so it can be tested to see if the kids have been drinking booze.

St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights has been conducting random drug tests since 2007, but will add alcohol in the fall.

“At the beginning of the year, there’s drug testing for everyone,” Parents’ Club president Kathy Loy said. “And then throughout the year, students are randomly picked, through a computerized system using their student ID numbers, and those students are tested again for drugs. The alcohol testing will be done through those random samples only.”

If a student tests positive for alcohol use, there could be consequences, but not immediately. Loy says St. Viator is trying to work with students, rather than against them.

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