Missing Mississippi Family Found Dead

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Three members of a Mississippi family that had been missing since Friday were found shot to death Tuesday morning in the wake of a mysterious car crash.

The bodies of Atria Hill, 30, her son, Jaidon, 7, and her husband, Lattery Smith, 34, were found in a wooded area near where their wrecked car, leading authorities to believe the family members were killed prior to the crash and that the car was burned to destroy the evidence.

Authorities have arrested 42-year-old Timothy Burns on suspicion of arson and are holding him for “investigative purposes” in connection to the killings.

Hill’s cousin, Vinson Jenkins, had this to say, “We went to bed last night still praying they would be brought home safely, but unfortunately, that did not happen. To my knowledge, we don’t know why anybody would want to do any harm to them.”

Investigators are currently trying to figure that out as well.

For now, the house of Judith Hughes, Hill’s mother, is full of family members and friends mourning their loss and trying to make sense of this tragic event.