Miracle: Overseas Soldier’s Pregnant Wife and Unborn Baby Survive After Being Brutally Stabbed

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11-6-2013 4-54-03 PM

Early last week, Texas army wife Rachel Poole, was brutally stabbed by man inside her home while Face Timing her husband deployed oversees. The 31-year-old woman was nine months pregnant with the couple’s first child due in two days, when 19-year-old Corey Bernard Moss beat and stabbed her several times in the face, eye, and stomach before fleeing the scene.

Poole recognized her attacker and began calling out his name to her husband on the phone who frantically took to Facebook by posting a picture of his wife’s attacker and pleading the public to help police catch Moss since he was deployed. She told authorities that she believed Moss’ motivation for the attack was due to money he owed her husband for vehicle repairs.

Moss was arrested on a charge of criminal attempted murder, and booked into El Paso County Detention Center with a bond of $60,000. Miraculously, Poole’s daughter Isabella was born by c-section. A photo shows Poole swaddling Isabella in a striped blanket for the first time with a badly bruised eye and a gash across her forehead.

Poole and her family have received an outpouring of support from around the world. A fund started by a friend of Justin Poole set out to raise $5,000, and as of Tuesday had raised more than $22,000.

“My wife is my wife til I’m no longer breathing. No man can change that and though I was not here to protect her this time it will never happen again that’s my word,” Pvt. Poole posted on Facebook after the attack.