Daddy Don’t Go: Documentary Highlights Struggles Of Fatherhood

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We often hear stories of absentee fathers, but a new documentary called Daddy Don’t Go  aims to show the opposite as cameras follow four New York City fathers struggling to overcome various obstacles raising their children.

Emily Abt, the producer and director of the film, has work that has been featured on PBS, MTV and Showtime. Her films often focus on social issues including the human impact of welfare reform and the disproportionately high rate of HIV in African-American women.

“I’m basically a public servant in filmmaker clothing,”  says Abt as she explains to BuzzFeed how her career as a caseworker led her to films.

Filming for the documentary began in January and has about six more months to complete production, but filmmakers need $80,000 to successfully complete the project so they’ve decided to raise the funds using a Kickstarter campaign.

The project campaign has raised $26, 250 so far. If Daddy Don’t Go receives sufficient funding, it will finish filming in early or mid 2014.

Check out the compelling trailer below!

(Photo via Kickstarter)