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Study: Kids With Single Moms More Likely To Live In Poverty

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12-4-2013 3-35-00 PM

Statistics are showing that living with single parents has a heavy effect on kids. According to Census figures, nearly half–45 percent– children raised in single-parent households in the U.S. live below the poverty line.

The high levels of poverty are usually the result of single parents having a far more difficult time financially than those with both parents.

The statistics also show that single parenting is most common for African-Americans and Hispanics. About 55 percent of black children and 31 percent of Hispanic children live in households with one parent, compared t0 20 percent of white children and only 13 percent of Asian children.


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    Majority of children are a product of their environment.

  • Prophet

    The main problem is lack of education, and I’m not referring to formal education, but education in the home that teaches family values, and financial education. The other weapon against two headed households for poor people of color, namely blacks are, again a low financial IQ, and entrepreneurship among young black males. These two problems are the number 1 problem that is perpetuating the destruction of black communities, and is keeping blacks a permanent underclass in the U.S..

    A more simple way to look at this is, we need to rebuild the black family as a two headed institution, and significantly raise our financial IQ, especially amongst black males, who are expected to financially be able to take care of their families.