Dwyane Wade Confirms Fathering A Baby During Past Split From Gabrielle Union

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Prior to Miami Heat’s game against the Denver Nuggets on Monday, Dec. 30, Dwyane Wade called a press conference to confirm rumors that he has an infant son, whom he fathered earlier this year during a brief split in the past from his now fiancée, Gabrielle Union.

“I had a time, a part in our break, in our pain and our hurt, a blessing came out of it in my life, having a son that was born healthy,” Wade said of his relationship with Union. “So I’m moving on.”

The NBA champ added that he will be, who is “about a month old,” will be an important part of his life just like his

“I’ve always tried to show my importance in my kids’ lives and it doesn’t change now,” he said. “So me and my lady and my family have continued to move forward and I think that’s evident with the ring and the proposal that I gave her, with our lives.”

“This is something, obviously, private for my family that we will continue to deal with [as] a family,” he explained. “But we have a blessing to the bloodline… and from that standpoint, it doesn’t, to me, state anything differently from what I’ve always shown.”

(Photo Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)