Ciara Has “Baby Clause” In Future’s Tour Contract

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Ciara may not be a mom just yet, but she is already very protective of her unborn child. So protective that she had a “baby clause” written into her fiancé Fututre’s tour contract, according to TMZ.

Ciara officially announced her pregnancy yesterday on The View, but Future’s entourage has know about it for a while due to the restrictions in their contracts.

TMZ reports that the “baby clause” in the contract required a “clean”  backstage environment whenever Ciara traveled with Future on tour. That includes no smoking, healthy foods and  the absence of anything that could be detrimental to her pregnancy.

Turns out the contract requirements did not affect the crew too much. The mommy-to-be was only able to attend two of Future’s scheduled tour dates during the early months of her pregnancy because she was experiencing terrible morning sickness.

The couple has yet to confirm the sex of the baby or how far along the “Body Party” singer is, but sources say she is about 7 months pregnant and in a Huffpost interview Ciara says “my fiancé got what he wanted” in regards to the sex of the baby.

(Photo Credit: Instagram/Ciara)