Wendy Williams Breaks Down: “My Son Doesn’t Like Me Anymore”

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Wendy Williams is known for her vibrant presence on her daytime talk show, but on Monday (Jan. 20) the television personality unexpectedly broke down in the middle of discussing hot topics for the day.

While discussing the much debated topic of Madonna referring to her son using the n-word, she noted the close bond the music icon has with her son.

“First of all, I want you to know, Rocco is 13 years old and Rocco is a real fan of his mother. What I discovered this weekend is that my son doesn’t like me anymore,” Williams said of Kevin Jr., 13.

The talk show host began to sob as she reached for a tissue and continued.

“I discovered this a while ago, but the ball just got smacked home this weekend,” Williams shared. “He’s all into his father—you know how 13-year-olds are. I was the same way when I was 13, but it is breaking my heart. He says things to me like, ‘Why are you so pissed?’ but he’ll say, ‘WHY ARE YOU SO PISSED?!’ Like I’m pissed all the time. Like I’m the one with the problem.”

She went on to explain that she is grateful that her son is close with his father, but it often feels like he is shunning her and “it’s breaking my heart.”

The crowd reassured her that everything would be okay by cheering her on and saying that they love her.

After getting the issue that truly seemed to be bothering her off of her chest, she pulled herself together to continue with the show.

Watch the emotional moment below!

(Happens at about the 8:44 mark)