CUTE: Kids Reenact Oscar-Nominated Movies

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Cinefix just posted their kid reenactments of the 2014 Oscar nominees and, of course, the youngsters in it are nothing less than adorable!

In each segment, the children act out memorable scenes from Captain Phillips, American Hustle, Her, Gravity, 12 Years a Slave, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Nebraska and Dallas Buyers Club.  The one movie missing is Philomena (because they didn’t watch it yet!).

Perhaps the funniest scene comes after a kid reenacting the moment in American Hustle when Christian Bale’s character gets his hair together.

“I’m scamming all of you,” he says before adding, “and I also have weird looking hair.”

“Me too!” says the room full of wigged kids.

The too-cute clip comes just in time for the Oscars, which airs Sunday, March 2.

Check out the video below!