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Georgia Family Welcomes 15th Child

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Former corporate attorney turned stay-at-home mother LaChelle Adkins, and her husband Jerome Adkins welcomed a 15th child into their already sizable family on Sunday. The couple added daughter Hope Monique to their football sized team family which includes 13 children and two stepsons. And get this, the family may even get larger! LaChelle is open to having more children.

Jerome juggles three jobs as a U.S. major in the Army Reserves, a manager of a retail chain, and a church pastor. “The chaos is normal to us and we love it,” Adkins says.

The children (deep breath) are: Jerome Brendan, 24, Taylor, 21, Christian, 20, Jonathan, 19, Alexandria, 17, McKinsey, 16, Victoria, 14, Elisabeth, 13, Olivia, 11, Danielle, 9, Jeremiah, 7, Joshua, 5, Jordan, 3, Faith, 2, and Hope Monique, 3 days old. The oldest, Jerome Brendan and his wife are even expecting their own baby in July, making Adkins a soon-to-be grandmother.

All were natural births. “No pain medicine!” says Adkins, who grew up an only child and never imagined she would have such a large family. But when she got married, Adkins decided to forgo birth control. “Taking it became a burden, and I wasn’t opposed to having more children with my husband,” she says.

Although there are 15 kids living in a four-bedroom house, Adkins runs her home like a well-oiled machine. She drives a 15-passenger Ford van, an upgrade from the two minivans she and her husband previously owned. “It was hard before, because we couldn’t go anywhere without two cars,” she says. “Now, everyone just piles in one van.” When the family goes grocery shopping, they’re bound to get a few stares and people often approach, asking if Adkins is running a daycare center. “The children get a kick out of the attention,” she says.

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