Ciara’s Baby’s Gender Accidentally Revealed By Fiance Future

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Ciara and her fiancé rapper Future have managed to keep their baby’s gender a secret, but Future may have accidentally revealed they’re expecting a baby boy.

During a recent interview, Ciara’s hubby-to-be accidentally spilled the beans on the gender of the little one. Future was asked directly whether they were having a boy or girl, but he managed to avoid answering the question.

Midway through the interview, Future got a little excited as he gushed about Ciara and shared that the baby has been listening to his music.

“The baby is already listening to music now,” the rapper said. “She sent me a video while I was over here with the headphones on her stomach. She said ‘The baby just listened to Turn On The Lights, the version with me and you!'”

Then Future went on to refer the baby as “he” and “him”– clear indications that there is a boy baking in the oven.

He continued: “I said ‘He gotta play–You gotta play that ‘Anytime’ for him, the new one you did. Let him hear that. See how he kick.’ She played it for him and he started kicking like crazy.”

“See you got the sex out of me and you didn’t even know it,” Future told Westwood. At the end of the interview, tried to clean up the slip up by referring to the baby as “she” and saying he always wanted a girl.

Hmm…still sounds like a boy to us! Congrats!

Listen the interview below!

(Baby talk starts around 9:15 marker)

(Photo Credit: Instagram/Ciara)