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What Baby Names Are Predicted To Become Popular In 20 Years?

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Although “vintage” names like Beatrice and Asher are all the rage right now, baby-name expert Pam Satran at predicts that the fad will take names to a new destination… literally.

“There’s a growth in the popularity of ‘place’ names,” said Satran, the woman behind the website and author of several baby-name books. “Place names that are popular today, like Savannah and Dakota, are paving the way to more adventurous place names in years to come.”

Like fashion forecasters looking to the present style and predicting what will be in style 10 or 20 years from now, baby-name experts do the same. Satran looks at the origins of names, pop culture influences and the sounds that are appealing to people today.

Also predicted to be popular in decades to come are ethnic-sounding names, like Columbia and Consuelo. Though it may have to do with the increased influence of Latino culture in America, Satran says that is not the case.

“You may be Irish but love the Latino culture or just the sound of those names,” she said.

Other names expected to become popular for girls are Nile, Aurelia, Annette, Clementine, Persephone, Sheba, Florin and Rhiannon. As for boys, names include Otis, Ralph and Nigel, Lucius, Gower and Guthrie.