Viral Video: Baby Wakes Up Dancing To Bruno Mars

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3-24-2014 3-09-57 PM

Waking up in the mornings can be hard, but for little Christian from Cincinnati… waking up is a dance party! No, literally.

The little tot’s father, Walter Piper, posted a YouTube video that went viral when he shared how he wakes the 20-month-old every morning. Christian is seen sound asleep when all of a sudden his tush begins swaying side to side as “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars begins to play through phone speakers. With a big smile on his face, Christian’s morning routine gets off to a groovy start.

“When he was about 13 month we discovered he had food allergies,” said Piper in regards to how Christian developed his dance moves. “He would be so uncomfortable we would play music to calm him down and help him sleep. But he would wake up cranky, so we decided to wake him the same way we put him to sleep.”

According to Piper, Christian would stay dancing all day if the right tunes played.

See Christian bust a few moves in the cutest wake-up call ever seen!