Sixth Grader Faces Suspension For Disposing Razor Used To Harm Classmate

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Suspension usually comes after heinous acts that garner disapproval, but sixth grader Adrionna Harris from Bayside Middle School received a 10-day suspension after doing her best to help another classmate.

Adrionna noticed something was not right when a boy in her class began cutting his arm with a small razor. She immediately stepped in and disposed the razor in an act that most would think deserved praise, but the school thought otherwise and suspended her with the possibility of expulsion.

Adrionna’s mother, Rachel Harris, is understandably frustrated with the school agreeing with her daughter’s effort to help.

“I felt she did the right thing. There was not a teacher in sight while this boy was cutting himself,” said Harris. “She felt like it was almost a 911 situation, which she had to help immediately, like there wasn’t time to find a teacher.”

When asked if Adrionna would do it all over again, the young girl said she would. As Adrionna herself put it, “…I was just trying to help.”