Video: Tyrese Gibson Gives His Daughter A Lesson In Self-Confidence

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With all of the negative images of women floating around the internet and on television, it has become harder for parents to raise young girls, but singer Tyrese Gibson is determined to teach his daughter the importance of becoming a respectable young lady.

This weekend, the father shared a video of himself teaching his 6-year-old daughter a lesson on self-confidence and self-worth. In the video, Tyrese instructs Shayla to speak clearly and with authority. He also has her repeat several affirmations.

“I am amazing. I am smart. I am great. I am special. No one in the world can stop my greatness,” he instructs Shayla to repeat in the video.

It may be a moment that does not mean much to her now, but it is definitely an important life lesson.

Also recently, Tyrese took to Facebook to pen a letter to his daughter.

It reads:

Open letter to my daughter…..

My little angel I never leave my house unless I know you will benefit…. I travel as Daddy King in the jungle hunting to make sure you are never without…. Mommy may be around more often but It doesn’t mean I love you any less… Smile, embrace and enjoy…. Let me grind, let me fight these battles so you don’t have to…. You’re my life, you’re my heartbeat, you’re the reason I have a bottom line… Yes my little angel….My heart belongs to you… Your Father…

It’s great to see a father be such a positive influence in his daughter’s life!

Watch the video below!

(Photo Credit: Facebook/Tyrese Gibson)