Viral Video: Babies Try Lemons For First Time

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These babies are trying lemons for the first time and the candid moments were caught on film.

Toronto based filmmakers, April Maciborka, 30, and David Wile, 33, produced the hilarious online film “Pucker” and there’s no shortage of adorable expressions. What makes it even better is that it’s all in slow motion!

“We thought it would be really cool to see the baby’s face in slow motion,” Maciborka told the Daily News.

The 2:26 video has gone viral and Maciborka says she is not surprised the popularity of “Pucker.”

“Everyone can relate to it. It’s comical. They know how their face will pucker up,” she said. “The concept is so simple yet it’s so funny. People are very interested in seeing simple everyday things but with a twist to it.”

Watch the hilarious video below!