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Study: Excessive Consumption Of Milk And Juices Can Attribute To Child Weight Gain

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There are dozens of factors that play into our children’s weight gain, but what many mothers don’t think to be a factor is the consumption of milk and juices.

“But it’s milk – she’s supposed to drink lots of it,” said a mother of a 100-pound 9-year-old, who drank on average four glasses a day. This is by no means odd when children have been consistently encouraged with milk mustaches and mothers are told that milk is a necessity for building healthy children, but when more than 500 daily calories of milk is being consumed, it becomes an issue. There is little doubt that even the most benefiting characteristics of milk can be outweighed with that intake.

However, it’s not just milk that’s the problem for children struggling with obesity —  it’s juice, too!

As far as health goes, juice can be considered the equivalent of non-carbonated soda with vitamins. With the amount sugars added in juice, even a small 6-ounce juice box can exceed the daily recommendations for children over two years old. Of course milk and juice is not the only factor of weight gain, but obesity in children can be prevented by regulating their consumption of liquid calories.

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