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New Research On Stay-At-Home Moms Reveal Surprising Demographics

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A new Pew Research Center report shows the increasing numbers of stay-at-home mothers since the turn of the century. The percentage has increased from 23% to 29%, with the rising cost of child care services being among the likely reasons for more women staying at home full-time with their children.

However, unlike the stereotype of stay-at-home mothers being wealthy women who can afford sustaining a household with one income, the new research reports quite the contrary. Although that may be the case for many, Pew states that moms tend to be younger, less educated and more likely to be poorer than women in the workforce. One reason begins with the fact that child care costs are on the rise, making it difficult to afford services with low incomes.

“We’re not rich by any means. We live paycheck to paycheck, but it’s completely worth it,” said Tricia Williamson, a TV editor and producer who quit her job after realizing her salary would primarily go towards commuting and child care services after giving birth to her son a year ago. Her husband earns about $44K a year as an electronics technician.

“My son wouldn’t be getting the attention he needs one-on-one. He’s got a mom 24/7.”

The largest shares of at-home mothers have working husbands (roughly two-thirds of 10.4 million); while a growing share of mothers reveal their inability to find work without having higher education.

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