New Parenting App Helps Keep Tabs On Babies

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A US pediatric expert, known as “Dr. Jen,” designed a one-stop shop for parents with infants called Baby Bundle. It plays the role of baby monitors, but with an advanced twist. The app tracks the daily growth and activity of children, stores baby photos, manages vaccinations and health check-ups based on specific details pertaining to the child. Data of feeding, diaper changing and sleeping habits can be recorded and compared to the statistical national averages, which in turn suggest questions for parents to ask their baby’s doctor at the next medical visit.

“As a mother, I know how precious time is. I wanted Baby Bundle to help parents stay organized so they can spend more time enjoying those precious but sometimes challenging first two years,” said Dr. Jen, who has published two parenting books and made regular appearances on CNN and the “Today” show.

Co-founder Nick von Christierson added: “In today’s busy and tech-driven world, Baby Bundle helps new parents be the parents they want to be, rather than the parents they manage to be.”

The Baby Bundle app is available for iPhones and iPads in the US and Canada for free download in the App Store, with additional add-ons available for $2.99-$6.99. Other popular multi-functional childcare tools in the market include White Noise Baby, which aims to lull newborns to sleep, and WebMD Baby, which offers videos, articles and expert tips for children.

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