Teens Blame Michelle Obama For ‘Nasty’ Lunches

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Many teens are sick and tired of their “nasty” school lunches and they are blaming Michelle Obama.

Caitlin Tagnera, a high school sophomore from North Carolina was very clear about who she blames when she commented, “I blame Michelle Obama.” The teen also added, “Starving kids at school isn’t exactly a way to (get) kids’ obesity down…I feel like it’s just been taken too far.”

The change in the school menu came after healthier school lunch standards were adopted as part of the Healthy and Hunger-Free Kids Act promoted by the First Lady in order to combat the rising levels of childhood obesity.

“Health-wise, I’d say it’s an illusion of benefit. The food even LOOKED more presentable before,” Anthony Gallimore, a high school senior from Georgia, wrote. “And if nobody chooses to eat the gross food, then it can’t possibly be helping anyone. It’s just being thrown out anyway.”

Like Tagnera and Gallimore, other students across the country are not happen with the changes to school lunches and many are taking to social media to express their disgust with the bland and unfilling lunches.

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