Michelle Obama Hosts First White House Talent Show

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First Lady Michelle Obama was excited to present the first annual White House Turnaround Arts Talent Show on Tuesday.

The talent show was held on behalf of  The National Endowment for the Arts and The Presidents’ Committee on the Arts and the Humanities support the program with funding from foundations. The program’s purpose is to encourage school to integrate arts, music and entertainment into their curriculum, which has proven to increase the success of students.

“When high school dropouts were asked why they left schools, we were told it was because they had little interest in their classes.” The First Lady said, “This program, with painting, acting and performing instruments, puts children back in classroom seats.”

Students involved in the inaugural talent show got the chance to play various musical numbers and read poetry for the first lady and an audience that included their family members and celebrities.

Towards the end of the evening, President Obama even broke away from his work in the oval office to congratulate the elementary and middle-school-age performers.

“I’ve got talent, but I wasn’t invited to be part of the show,” Obama joked.

This fall the program will be adding 35 schools in 11 states, and serving over 10,000 students, ensuring they have access to arts education.

Get the details of the program here.

Watch the talented kids below!

(Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)