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Michelle Obama Addresses School Meal Critics

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First Lady Michelle Obama is not letting criticism from the House of Republicans deter her from school meal standards, saying any effort to roll back the guidelines is “unacceptable.”

The rules of National School Lunch Program were set in place by Congress and the administration over the last several years. The healthy initiative require more fruits, vegetables and whole grains in the lunch line and set limits on sodium, sugar and fat.

At the White House Event, school nutrition directors across the county who have found success in the program shared their stories and explained why they do not want to see any roll backs.

“We’re not just talking about food, we’re talking about education,” said David Binkle of the Los Angeles Unified School District. He said participation is up in his district, along with test scores and graduation rates, since they made school foods healthier there.

While some schools have been thriving with the nutrition guidelines, others are struggling at the expense of the students. Earlier this month students blamed Michelle Obama for their “nasty” school lunches in a social media rant where students complained and posted photos of  less than appetizing meals with a sarcastic “Thanks Michelle Obama.”

The first lady has asked those who have gotten positive feedback from the changes for advice about how they can better respond to schools that are struggling. She and suggested that the conversation should be focused on helping those schools rather than rolling back some of the standards completely. She also added that the government and schools can also do more to work with students to get them interested in what they are eating.


Watch the speech below.

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