Kanye West Takes Extra Precautions to Keep North West Safe

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Protective dad Kanye West wants to make sure his precious daughter, North West, is always out of harms way and he’s taking major precautions to make it happen.

RadarOnline reports that Kim Kardashian’s husband realizes that marrying into the very public Kardashian family has made himself and little Nori a paparazzi target, but he is genuinely concerned about the safety of his one-year-old.

“Kim and Kanye have been arguing over all of the exposure North got during the wedding,” a source close to the Yeezus rapper told Radar.

The source adds: “He was frustrated that the baby was in public so much and he wants to make sure that now that all of those festivities are over that she’s protected.”

The insider said that Kanye is not trying to be overbearing. He just worries about people knowing exactly where his little girl is.

“Kanye isn’t trying to control any press about North. He’s genuinely afraid for her safety and doesn’t want people to be able to track her every move.”

In an effort to find ways to make sure that his only child is safe, he’s talking to other high-profile stars for advice.

“He is talking to other really rich and famous people about how they keep their kids safe and what extra precautions he can take. He isn’t taking any chances.”

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