Kudoso Router Rewards Kids With Internet Time for Completing Chores

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Ever wonder how you can limit your kids internet time based on if their chores and homework are complete?

Well, a wireless router is being pitched on Kickstarter that will allow parents to tie kids’ activities such as daily chores or homework to their Internet usage.

Named the Kudoso, creator Rob Irizarry says the device “lets your children earn points (by doing chores, studying or even exercising) that allow them to access the internet sites you approve for blocks of time that you define.”

The router also integrates with Khan Academy, allowing children to accumulate points by completing educational lessons and parents are able to track their child’s academic progress in various subjects.

As of now, the project has raised over $11,000. Irizarry is seeking $50,000 for the project.

For donations or to learn more about Kudoso click here.

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Watch the video below!

(Photo Credit: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Thinkstock)