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Nickel From iPad Gives Boy Body Rashes

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An 11-year-old boy was recently treated at a San Diego Hospital after reportedly using his iPad daily, which led to a rather unwelcoming rash because of the possible presence of nickel in the tablet.

Nickel is a common allergy-inducing metal that can cause itchy rashes to develop all over the body. The iPad was tested by doctors, who discovered a chemical compound found in nickel on the iPad’s outside coding.

Dermatologist Dr. Sharon Jacob at Rady’s Children’s Hospital said that while nickel rashes aren’t life-threatening, they can become very uncomfortable and require treatment with steroids and antibiotics.

The allergic reaction was traced back to the iPad bought by the family in 2010.

Jacob reported that the boy’s condition was ameliorated after putting a protective case on the iPad. She encourages doctors to consider  electronic devices as potential sources when assisting patients with skin rashes.