Sherri Shepherd’s Surrogate Gives Birth to Baby Boy

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Sherri Shepherd’s surrogate gave birth to a baby boy on Aug.5  in Pennsylvania, according to E! News.

Shepherd and her estranged husband, Lamar Sally, are in the midst of a nasty divorce and have reportedly fought over everything from custody to child support regarding the baby.

It doesn’t seem that the differences were set aside on the day of birth. Shepherd was not present for the birth, but Lamar was, reports TMZ.

Sources close the father say “he is excited to be a new dad and for the future ahead.” The site also reports that “Lamar intends to raise the child himself but will still ask a judge to order Sherri to pay [child] support.”

Meanwhile, the actress has filed papers requesting to waive her rights and responsibilities as a parent. If her request is granted, Sally would not be able to ask for child support payments from Shepherd.

This legal battle makes the second legal battle the “The View” host has dealt with in the last couple of months. She just won custody of her son named Jeffrey, 9, with her first husband Jeffrey Tarpley in court on July 21.

Her newest legal battle with Sally began after the couple split in May after three years of marriage.

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  • This just makes her look bad. If she suspects that he actually cheated with this “surrogate”, she should make that public. This is not about putting her business out there but damage control.

    • Finalword

      Make Sherry look bad? How? She’s a grown woman, she doesn’t have to make anything public. It should be apparent, if you are going to put fault to someone, that her estranged husband is at fault, if indeed the allegation is true of cheating. Why is it women always want to blame the women?
      However, the real issue here is the child. Think of who the situation is hurting-the child. It is really horrible these two people wanted to create a child, and now they are fighting over it? This is pure selfishness. Gee, I wonder why GOD did not bless them with a child of their own. Something to think about.