Texas Mom Creates App Teens Can’t Ignore

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Teenagers don’t always respond to phone calls and texts from parents with haste, but one Texas mom was livid when she found out her son was safe, but ignoring her calls. After research, Sharon Standifird came up with an app idea to solve the problem.

The app called Ignore No More shuts down the teen’s phone completely until they contact someone from the parent-selected list of numbers to retrieve the password to unlock their phone.

Once the parent taps the button on the app, the teen’s phone is locked away from texting, games and calls to friends, but will always be able to call 911 for emergencies.

So how does Standifird’s son, Bradley, feel about the idea?

“Well I thought it was a good idea, but for other people,” he said. “Not me.”

However, mama Standifird says the app serves its purpose because “[Bradley] responds to my texts and calls a whole lot quicker than he used to.”

The Ignore No More app is only available for Android phones in the Google Play store for $1.99. Standifird is working on an iPhone version to be released soon.

(Photo Credit: Thinkstock/ triloks)