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New “Got Milk?” Ad Campaigns For Champions

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9-12-2014 3-23-20 PM

The latest Got Milk commercial advises children to drink their milk today for a promising future ahead.

Well, a woman in disheveled clothing opens the ad by approaching a young girl in a shopping cart with unfortunate news that she is the adult-version of the young girl from the future. She is clearly not pleased with what she sees. However, after the girl is given a carton of milk to drink, the woman’s clothes are immediately stripped off to reveal an aesthetically-toned athlete ready to compete in any competition.

Urging the young girl to keep drinking, the woman gets pumped and begins running as she takes part in various sports activities. She goes on to win first place in the competition and exclaims to the young girl, “We did it!”

Hastily, the mother of the girl begins piling cartons upon cartons of milk into their shopping cart as the mini-me happily waves back at her beaming champion.

Watch the “Champion” Got Milk commercial below: