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New Jersey Daycare Mistakenly Serves Bleach to Kids

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Twenty-eight preschoolers and two adults were rushed to a hospital after accidentally ingesting a mixture of bleach and water at a New Jersey daycare.

A substitute teacher’s aide at Growing Tree Learning Center in Jersey City was serving students water at snack time, and mistakenly grabbed a bottle that was being used to store a bleach and water cleaning agent. The bottle was poured into the cups instead of drinkable water that was stored in another area of the daycare.

“We had an incident where one of the staff in the kitchen used the cleaning solution bottle to pour water for some of the children,” said Keith Kearney, a executive director over the daycare. “It was a repurposed plastic milk jug with a bleach water solution we use to wipe down surfaces. The label we had on the bottle wasn’t large enough to guard against it

The children, aged 3 and 4, and adult staff members were transported in five ambulances to the Jersey City Medical Center after a late-morning call to 911, said Mark Rabson, a hospital spokesman. He said most complained of light-headedness, mild nausea and upset stomachs.

All of the children were treated and released from the hospital.

The day care was cleared to reopen Friday morning. Parents were given a letter explaining what happened, and there will be information sessions about the incident for them Friday evening from 5 to 6 p.m.

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