Diana Ross and Family Support Chudney Ross’ Bookstore Opening

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Diana Ross’ daughter, Chudney Ross just celebrated the re-opening of her Santa Monica children’s bookstore, Books and Cookies.

The celebration was a family affair with four of the five Ross children present–Chudney Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross, Ross Naess and Evan Ross who brought along his new wife Ashlee Simpson and her son Bronx, 5, from her previous marriage with Pete Wentz. The couple wed just last month (Aug. 31).

Evan took to Instagram to post a family photo at the event, captioned, “The family. Books and cookies. Amazing.” He also shared a similar photo, saying, “The family. My sisters #booksandcookies just opened up. Love when [our] families come together so beautiful.”

Momma Ross seemed to enjoy the event, and shared her excitement about her daughter’s business.

“Books and Cookies is a bookstore, but it’s more,” Diana told Us Weekly at the event. “Chudney has created a nurturing environment and a loving environment where learning takes place.”

Newlyweds Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson read books to Bronx at the opening, and Evan even treated his stepson to a stack of new books.

“We’ve always done ‘Goodnight Moon’,” Simpson said. “And there is a new book we just got called ‘Goodnight iPad’ which is quite funny. He reads every night! And we brought two bags of books of his to donate today.”

The overall turnout of the event went well, and Chudney credits it to her loving family.

”It’s so important to have my family here. My family is number one,” Chudney explained.

Visit the store’s site here.

(Photo Credit: Instagram/Evan Ross)