Sixth Grade Activist Solves Ferguson Problem

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As Ferguson continues to mobilize behind efforts to seek justice for the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson, 11-year-old Marquis Govan has the answers to explain where the underlying tensions stem from.

“The people of Ferguson, I believe, don’t need tear gas thrown at them,” Marquis said before the members at the St. Louis County Council last month. “I believe they need jobs. I believe the people of Ferguson, they don’t need to be hit with batons. What they need is people to be investing in their businesses. You’re paying attention to the looting and things like that, when the real issues aren’t being solved. There’s a reson why those people are out there.”

When he left the podium, people cheered for what the young man had to say.

The sixth grader was introduced to politics and activism at an early age. He says he started following politics since age 5 during the 2008 presidential election. According to his great-grandmother, Jennie Bracy, Marquis would go to polls with her to help select and vote for candidates on the ballot.

“Yeah, I really did start at a very young age,” he says. “My grandmother always had the news on. We always watched funny shows and I mean, everybody was talking about it. At points, I would stop by political shows, like, ‘What in the world are they talking about?’ And I started getting it.”

While other children his age are outside or playing video games, Marquis enjoys watching cable news and reading President Obama’s book The Audacity of Hope.

If the children are our future, it’s starting to look a little brighter with Govan in the lead!

Watch the interview with Marquis Govan in the video below:

(Photo Credit: YouTube/ CBS Sunday Morning)