11-Year-Old Holds Toy Drive for Less Fortunate Kids

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Samuel Love

He’s only 11-years-old and he’s already showing that he has a heart of gold. Samuel Love, a fifth-grader from Chicago, is hosting his third annual Christmas toy drive to make sure less fortunate children have a special holiday season.

Last year, the Sam & Santa toy drive collected 1,500 toys and gift cards for kids going through tough times. This year, he hopes to make it an even bigger year by collecting 2,500 toys and gift cards.

Love first gained national attention in 2012 when he announced he would be launching his first toy drive to benefit kids in New York who had been affected by Hurricane Sandy.

“As some of you may know, two years ago, I decided that I didn’t want anything for Christmas because I saw on TV the devastation that happened in New York with Hurricane Sandy. I thought about the kids that lived there and how they had just lost everything. So instead of receiving toys, I wanted to give toys to the kids who really needed them,” Love said of his charity drive.

Such a thoughtful expression.

According to WGN-TV, for those in the Chicago area, donations to Love’s toy drive can be dropped off inside the Studio Movie Grill Chatham Theater at 210 West 87th Street in Chicago.